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The Performance Hockey Academy Training Center offers a wide variety of services for players of all skill levels looking to get their game to the next level. Located right inside of Ice Station the Training Center has all of the necessary equipment for proper off ice training including a skating treadmill with shooting extension, plyo boxes and ladders and a wide range of weights and training aids.

Whether you are looking to build strength, improve your skating stride or improve your shot, The Training Center has what you need. The following services are offered at the Performance Hockey Academy Training Center:


The skating treadmill is an incredible tool to enhance any players speed and skating stride. The treadmill is designed to:

  • Simulate actual on ice movements
  • Improve stride length
  • Improve stride frequency and efficiency in a controlled environment
  • Improves your leg and core stability to be a better player come game time

Whether you are just learning to skate or are drafted to the NHL the treadmill is a great teaching tool for all ages. The Training Center provides a unique environment to learn the proper skating stride. With the instructor at skate level we are able to assess the amount of blade being used during each stride, unlike standard on ice sessions.

There is no substitute for the attention to detail you will get from the treadmill compared an on ice lesson. Once you get the proper stride technique down on the treadmill you will see and feel the transition in your skating stride on the ice.

Additionally the skating treadmill has a shooting extension attached to it that allows players to learn to shoot properly as well as stick handle and pass while skating Learning to shoot while in stride is a huge key for all players to learn and will show immediate results on the ice.


With a full set up of free weights, weight machines and plyometric training aids the PHA Training Center offers everything a player needs for proper off ice conditioning and training. Whether it is in season maintenance or off season strength building there is something for every player. Sessions are available for individuals, groups of 2-4 players or entire teams. Every session is tailored to the player, group or teams specific needs.

All services are by appointment only.

For more information or to book your sessions please contact Chris Greene at or call the Ice Station Hockey Department at 661-775-8686 and speak with Coach Greene directly. 


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