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Hockey Class Description
Hockey 101” A free 4 week introduction to ice hockey for new players    All Ages Must be able to skate forward across the ice. Equipment provided. Small deposit required for loaner gear.New students only
Basic skating instruction by professional hockey coaches using hockey sticks and pucks. Minimum requirements will be gloves, helmets and shin guards. Saturdays Only-Pond
Beginning Hockey                         Ages 3-6
Must skate without assistance. Helmet and Cage required Basic skating instruction  Wednesdays 5:15
Beginning Hockey Skating Skills Ages 6-15 Must be able to skate forward across the ice. Hockey skates, Helmet with cage and gloves required.
Basic forward skating and stick usage (at coach's discretion) Wednesdays 5:45 PM
Beginning Hockey 1                                                Ages 5-12 First step after Hockey 101. If  Hockey 101 is not needed or for player ineligible for Hockey 101 this would be first step. Full gear as above.
Basic forward and back skating. Continuation of station style practice with similar drills. Saturday only on the Pond.
Beginning Hockey 2             Ages 6-12 Player can start here if skating skills are proficient enough.  Full gear mandatory Station style practice with focus on skating and basic hockey systems. Intro to positions and game elements and more advanced drills. Wednesday only on the Pond.
Intermediate Hockey  Can also enroll  in Little Tykes, and Youth Hockey Clinic to accelerate  learning.           Ages 8-17 Same as above. No coach recommendation needed. Full gear mandatory Station style practice adding more advanced skills. Focus on stops starts and edgework as well as transitions to backward and forward. Wednesday only.
Advanced Hockey Can also enroll  in Little Tykes, and Youth Hockey Clinic to accelerate learning. Ages 10-17 Players should be able to skate proficiently forward and backward and be able to transition and stop in each direction.  Full gear and coach  recommendation mandatory. Focus  on skating with more advanced shooting and passing techniques. Basic game rules will be introduced in preparation for league play. Final 2 weks will have 30-minute games played with stoppages for coach instruction. Friday only.
Adult Hockey Clinic Ages 14 and up Some skating experience. Full gear required A 60 minute class of Hockey skating skills and stickhandling with Coach Tony. Mondays-Pond
Skating Class Descriptions






Starter Tots                                         Parents may skate w/ Tot 2 to 6 Needs help standing/skating (Helmets recommended) March & glide, fall & get up, forward skating, wiggles.Toys and bubbles help make this a fun class!
Ice Tots 3 to 6 Skates without help March & glide, forward skating,  swizzles, wiggles
Tot Stars 3 to 6 Passed Ice Tots Forward & back swizzles, wiggles, stop, 1-ft glides
Pre Alpha 1 6+ Little to no skating experience  Forward skating, forward swizzles, backward wiggles
Pre Alpha 2 6+ Passed Pre Alpha 1 Forward and backward skating, swizzles & 1-ft glides
Alpha 6+ Passed Pre Alpha 2 Forward stroking, crossovers, stop, preparation  for Beta
Beta 6+ Passed Alpha Back stroking, back crossovers, T-stops, two-foot turns
Gamma/Delta 6+ Passed Beta Three turns, mohawks, bunny hop, forward edges
Beginning Freestyle Add-on                                 (This is a $50 add-on special!) 6+ Must be currently enrolled in Alpha, Beta, or Gamma/Delta Fun class! Introduction to jumps, spins, and freestyle moves. A great addition to your skills class!
Low Freestyle 6+ Passed Gamma/Delta Beginning spins, jumps, back edges, footwork, spirals
High Freestyle 6+ Instructor recommendation Single jumps, variety of spins, freestyle moves, footwork
Advanced Freestyle 6+ Instructor recommendation Lutz, axel prep, jump combos, spin combos & variations
Low - Advanced Freestyle Add-on                                              (This is a $50 Add-on Special!) 6+ Must be currently enrolled in Low, High, Adv, or Axel Freestyle  An additional 30 minute freestyle class for just $50 ($5 per class!)   Highly recommended  for this level. 
 Ice Angels Tot Team 5-8  Must be able to skate forward, backward swizzles, dip and stop  
Ice Angels Jr. Team 9-13 Skate forward, stop, swizzles Intro to sychronized team skating & beginning production
Ice Angels Sr. Team 13+ Alpha and above Synchronized Team skating for shows and competitions
Power Skating 7+ Low Freestyle and above Increase power skating
Teen/Adult 13+ All levels. Non-skater to advanced Pre Alpha  through freestyle skills 
Off-ice Jump and Conditioning 6+ FS1 and above Off-ice conditioning and  jump technique

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